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Full time Programmer milestone

I just saw that the milestone “Full time programmer” has been reach.
Because it was unlocked a lot later than the others I was wondering if you will really hire another full time senior programmer ? Indeed it will take time to hire and train him before he can be operational. Except if you already have someone in mind.


All the work to hire a new programmer has to slow development one way or another and must be pretty tricky, but this question needs to be answered.

I personally understand if right now is not the moment to do so, but the release date seems far enough for the investment in time and money to ultimately pay off, right ?


Considering most if not all unlocked stuff will be added in patches after initial release, I don’t see why not. Its not like its release and forget.

Dont know how well the current team work together and if it got a spot open now. Would not mind if it swapped space with irrigation tbh if they got no space :slight_smile:

wonder if we can reach the next milestone as well before the game comes out.

It would nice, irrigation is a really nice feature. I wonder how peoples still contribute : Both kickstarter and indiegogo crowdfunding campaign are over and it is not possible to contribute through the website anymore. At first I thought it was only peoples who were updating their pledge but the backers counter is rising :thinking:

When you mail the devs they will provide you with a working pledge link.Not sure why they don’t make it public but it’s good that they continue to do so and keep track of the milestones.:slight_smile:

:hushed: Okay that’s how. Indeed it is strange that the link is not directly available. Maybe there is some legal reason.

Well, if you look in the FAQ section of the website, you might find another way to contribute. FAQs exist for a reason…

I am pretty sure that addition wasn’t there half a year ago, but I could be wrong.Don’t think FAQ’s exist as a means of funding, but good that it’s there non the less.

Considering how “hard” it is to contribute now, it’s pretty incredible that milestones are still being reached.

Indeed there a link in the FAQ but we can agree that it is a bit weird that the link is at the bottom of the FAQ and not in the Crowndfunding tab. Moreover the link was not there when the FAQ was first release. Since I backed the game on Kickstarter I checked the FAQ when it written the first time.

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It’s almost like they don’t want people to continue donating

That’s possible. Backers get perks at a cheaper price than normal buyers will pay for no perks once the game is released. Plus, they are offering passes for all future expansions, which can sometime offer significant savings to buyers.
Once you have enough money to make the game, it’s smart business to start maximizing long-term gain rather than raise a smaller amount now.

Ryan one thing I can say without a doubt they don’t have enough money to make the game!
I will bet you that if they could get $40,000 for 1,000 full feature expansion pass with no time/effort they would take it in a second but would prefer $200,000 for 5,000 full feature expansion passes. After all there goal is to sell at least 100,000 copies at $50 getting maybe $20 a copy for a take of 2 mil the concept that they would be worried about giving 5,000 of even 4 games at $20 a copy away for free lets see that’s 100 grand worst case of marketing over the next 10 years to generate 2 mil within next 12 months.

My guess the reason they are not actively soliciting more money is two fold first and foremost after two years of development it will take a tremendous amount of time to actually solicit money new trailers, artwork, accomplishments, goals, work progress, time lines etc. In a four man shop this renewed effort to solicit a second round of finance will delay release of the game by a minimum of 4 months but realistically 6-9 months. Secondly they don’t want to listen or hear any more “When will I have my Game”.

My opinion only based on what I have read and seen the AC developers have fully realized what a monumental task they have taken on but believe they will get at least something released in the next 4 months so you do the math go for more money or get it done.

By the way 40 years of development tells me if I am correct in my 4 month assumption above the game will go to Beta some time in November. Never been to good at developer time line math:wink:

PS they have raised 260k from about 5,000 backers for a average of $52 a person so my guess is there aren’t to many full feature expansion passes at $250 my guess is there are 2,000 at $30 and 2,000 at $60 with the rest at the higher or lower numbers.


While I see your point on why they aren’t actively soliciting donations, it doesn’t explain why they’ve made it harder than it could be to get money passively.

I agree that they seem to have bitten off a lot. This is why it would be comforting to hear them say what they would consider “releasable”. As I’ve posted elsewhere, there’s a large difference between finished and playable, and I think Rimworld handled this really well during it’s years of early access up to and including release.

Sadly, you may be right about the November Beta, especially considering the update they posted today.