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There were many types of fishing likely used in the Neolithic. I wonder how many will be available.
Watching the little people fishing will be lots of fun.

(did I miss any?)
Spear Fishing - Using a spear (single point with barbs or multi-prong with barbs)
Bow Fishing - Either shooting a fish in the fallows or using a tether (costly in time to make)
Ice Spear Fishing - Spear fishing in the snow/ice
Ice Bow Fishing - Bow fishing in the snow/ice
Scaring Fish - Group of people walk in line scaring fish into a concentrated point (beach, net, collectors)
Casting Nets - Person tosses net into water, hauls it back.
Angling - Using a line and a bone hook (costly to make line)
Hand Catching - Just grab a large fish, like a wels catching.


basket fishing for eels with baskets and wicker fencing.


Thank you! I knew I would forget some of the many techniques.

Having made 3D animations before, I know it can be laborious to get them right… but it would be fun to see a few types.

The only reason i remember that particular method is because they excavated some prehistoric eel traps near my town when i was a child and put on an educational exhibition at my school. Seems that lesson was not wasted after all :slight_smile:



I have spear fished with a wooden three point barbed spear before, but never that method. I suspect there were more plentiful fish back then.

I guess it fits hand in hand with this so:
What about boats? Will there be any provision for boats in the game?

While I don’t recall ever reading about what kind of construction was used for Neolithic boats, I do imagine they’d have to exist, how else would people have gotten to the Orkneys to build the places like Maeshowe or the Ring of Brodgar?

My other question is: Is there any evidence that anyone is aware off for “lobster pot” style “fishing” (I guess crabbing might be a better word?)


The eel traps i mentioned before hand were very intricate willow whicker work, and if prehistoric people could produce work of that quality, I would not think willow lobster pots are too much of a stretch, both for lobsters in salt water and cray fish in fresh water.

Fish Poison using natural plants,

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The last 4, maybe. The first ones were from the Pacific.
Still, nets and spears are probably the easiest.

When I have fished with a spear, it was always quite fun! \o/