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I have been playing in different locations and more than once I have ended up someplace where there is no raw stone to be found. It is normal that there are different resources in different locations, however, the lack of raw stone makes it impossible to construct a fireplace. This is very annoying because large stones are not an absolutely necessary resource in order to produce fire. They might be necessary for a large fireplace, but not for a basic small-sized campfire, which is the first thing a community of hunter-gatherers would need to build. Would it be possible to include smaller-sized campfires that do not require raw stones? Mabey they could need more sticks and be less bright and comforting for the tribesmen, or decay faster… I don’t know, just a thought. What do you think?


I would suggest a small temporary fireplace. Something like you put it anywhere and after a short period it disappear.


Working on it


Thank you for the incredibly quick implementation of this. If feedback raised is responded to so quickly where the idea is easy to implement it further reassures backers that this game will fulfil its potential. Keep up the great work!


Nice work with that guys! Thank you

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I feel the developers are on a roll!

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