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Fire Damage

Fairly obvious topic…

Will buildings accidentally catch fire relative to usage? I can imagine a base fire chance breaking out relative to fire utilisation, building materials as a simple algebraic algorithm.

Then you have the aspect of building proximity. You can build your huts close to each other (which is great for efficiency but increases squalor) but then you have the issue if a neighbouring building catches on fire there is a potential for the other building to catch on fire.


Well, it’s like that on nearly every city builder I’ve played, and since it is so widely used and makes sense, I’m sure it will be a part of the game. :blush:
This being said, I don’t know much about Neolithic housing, and on many videos and screenshots we can see fireplaces around the village (and not inside houses?).

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Probably not a major concern for mudbrick houses, but certainly for the European wood-thatch constructions.