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Fences and walls

I think that there should be a way to connect fences and walls. I mean, when I start to build a wall but I dont create it around the whole village, if later I try to continue, there should be a way to connect automatically the new wall to the existing ones. Please correct me if I am wrong with this approach.


You cannot put a new fence next to the old one?

Yes, it is possible, but it has to be done very carefully, as it is possible to overlap the old one. Also, specially with the logs wall, it is possible that the old wall does not match the new one. I mean, if I create a wall, and try to keep building it later, the sides of the wall can not match. The new wall is showing the outside side, but the old wall shows the inside side of the wall.

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I’ve the same opinion as @jcamposgranado. It could be very helpful to have some kind of edit tool to the fences/walls to make it looks better than seems to be almost done. The same tool could help to the gates too. To connect the gates to the rest of the fence/wall

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Agreed. Specially with gates. Currently it is not easy to build a wall connected to the gates without spaces

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Sometimes you build a wall all round your settlement and then find they can’t connect at the other end because of uneven surfaces, this is particularly annoying

Please take a screenshot in this situation or CTRL+R to send a report.

Here is an example. The new wall is over the old one instead of connect to it.

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Currently we do not support the concept of connection between segments of a defense.
We use the free positioning of segments in the work area.
Perhaps in the future we will study the possibility of managing these segment connections in a more appropriate way.