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Evolving Resource System

Hello to anyone who comes upon this,

I’ve been silently following this game since it’s Kickstarter phase and I’ve decided to give my thoughts on certain aspects of the game. Originally I was gonna put just one main post but I realized it would be too big of post, so I’ll be making a series of posts.

So for this discussion, I was thinking about the idea of having a changing/expanding pool of resources depending on what type of lifestyle the tribe currently is.

One example would be the relevant resources for a group of nomadic hunter-gatherers versus that of a settled tribe. For the hunter-gatherers, it would make sense that they would mainly use resource that are easily movable, such as food, large sticks, animal products, flint stones, and such. However, once the group becomes more settled, only then would it use resources like entire logs, stone boulders, and even ores, while still using the other previously mentioned resources.

I think one of the main benefits is that as your resource pool expands, its doing so at the same rate as your tribe, giving a nice feel in that regard. It also helps that interface would be more simplistic at the start of the game, which could help introduce new players to the game in a much easier fashion.


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