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Evolving Cities Through the Ages

How will the the progression of different time periods work in this game? As new expansions are added that introduce new eras of time, how will they implemented be into an existing game? I’m especially curious how it will work if an earlier time period is introduced later in the game’s production, for example the Ice Age expansion. If that is released after the base game has been out for a while, will we have to start over in order to use it?

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Yes, if earlier periods are introduced you will have to start another game to play them and choose the right period you want to start the game.
New periods will introduce new technologies and eventually you will have them in your city allowing more progression, new productions, new structures to be built and so on…


This is an interesting question and I know it’s early stages of development, but do you have an idea of how the transition will happen? For example like Civilization that after few advanced technologies are discovered a message appears about reaching a new era and the city changes style, or something different?
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With everything we may read from the devs, I’m really not sure (and I hope) there won’t be any system equivalent to Civilization in AC where everything is so scripted and evident.

I’d rather imagine a smooth transition, with slight changes in various fields. E.g. if you’re playing since Neolithic and are now in Bronze Age, you could have discovered bronze, writing & advanced political organization for a city state, but be late in irrigation and still have not discovered the chariots. The effect would be a slow evolution from the “classical” stage for a period to another one, with transitory periods between them, with “blurred” era definitions.


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God i hope so, Civilization is a nice game, but the game play kinda gets boring after a while.

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