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Dynamic Weather

Hi everyone!!!

Just wanted to drop this in here for some discussion. I realise weather is supposed to be implemented into the game my suggestion for the weather, albeit I don’t know what level you’re planning with weather, would be to have weather truly be a dynamic you have to deal with. What I mean is don’t just make it a visual cue for your people actually make it mean something more such as when it’s raining there could be flooding dependant on where you’ve built your city. If it’s snowing have the snow piling up so it’s more difficult to traverse the terrain. If it’s foggy have your vision clouded like a fog of war type. If it’s sunny for a period of time having to deal with a drought or a heatwave.

Any ideas and comments are welcomed!!! Oh and I’m glad to be here love the work I’ve seen so far keep it coming can’t wait to get in and have some fun with the game good luck!!! :smiley: :wink:



just to add to the weather, would also be nice if there is times of more subtle weather that might not have an effect, such as a light shower or mist, simply to add to the immersion and atmosphere that the game has.

also just to clarify i like the idea of the impactful weather as well :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be nice. I believe has a program on their webpage that can show what weather would have been like centuries ago too for visual reference


I really like the idea of game mechanics like this! It adds a little difficulty to this game similar to the way that RimWorld does it (although RimWorld is a completely different kind of (strategic) city builder) :zap::cloud::sweat_drops:


This is a good idea, for sure!

The Neolithic saw the advent of farming and a shift away from hunter gathering. As a result, the affects of the weather had more of an impact on the people. While bad weather could harm plants or devastate a harvest, changes in the climate could affect the overall food production of an entire region. Without good crops, entire peoples could be harmed or even perish.

So important was the climate that entire fertility religions arose (not just designed for help with procreation of people, but also the general fertility of the land).

Having a dynamic weather, but also a longer term, dynamic climate might even improve accuracy and add new challenges to game play which reflect the actual struggles of neolithic people.


From what I recall this is the intent. Personally I’m in for the challenge, as long as both weather and filthy raiders don’t strike around the same time :smiley:

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Loving all the comments and chatter folks!!! I totally agree the weather should mean something other than oh great it’s raining again. The weather system should be a constant challenge to take into account and deal with but I also agree that at times depending on the weather it should also not mean that well since it is raining that there is going to be a flood. It’s not something that is a given but random, incorporating factors that attribute to the effect the weather is having at that particular moment.

If it’s been raining for example for 3 “game time” days straight then yes that should factor into the possibility of there being a flood somewhere. That’s kind of what I was getting at even though I may have not been explaining it right lol. Same thing if it’s a snowstorm/blizzard outside, how long has it been snowing? How much has been accumulating on the ground things like that to factor in. And filthy raiders be damned I say!!! The weather does play a factor in military affairs as well. Anyone remember D-Day and them dealing with weather? Exactly :smile: :smile:


I have good memories of the weather in Banished, when at the moment of the harvest I worried about weather. Being happy or grumbling because it was snowing earlier or later than expected contributed to make the game feel alive – while giving me the impression I was a perfect farmer like my grandfather was, even though I’m both unable and unwilling to raise one carrot in real life!

To be honest, I suppose that playing a long game needs fancy stories happening.
Those kind of stories when a major climatic catastrophe happens both on your own map and neighboring ones (drought for instance), driving neighboring tribes to find food “elsewhere” (aka in your granaries), while your own stocks are clearly insufficient for yourself.

Besides water, moist and rain I do feel wind is also quite important. Everyone who has been camping or building huts knows that you’re entrance should be downwind.

This makes the place and direction of you’re buildings a important deal for you’re health. Drafty huts with wet floors do not make healthy homes.

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