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Drainage Management Ideas / Non-catastrophic Flooding

I’m wondering if there could be any kind of drainage management incorperated into the game.

I’ve seen some threads asking if there could be flood plains added. So that realistically, a river might flood and ruin a field. But I see how it would complicate things with a changing water level.

Maybe just a “wet” or “saturated” attribute could be added to the land. I got this idea since I’m actually running gutter, as well as digging trenches for drianage pipes in my yard. It would be neat to have to manage drainage to prevent the land from becoming saturated, muddy and difficult to use. People would be slowed, and water filled puddles and muddy foot prints would show in that area. Maybe poor drainage could speed up building damage and having proper drainage systems would prolong the lifespan of your buildings. This would add a realistic issue in rainy, low lying areas or areas close to rivers/lakes. It wouldn’t just flood entirely and destory everything and cause a rage quit situation. Solutions to saturated land could include digging drainage ditches sloping away down hill and drainage pits that seep water naturally into the ground.

Just another idea, drainage ditches could move water to rock fields that filter the water for irrigation and drinking, or storing in a (clay?) storage pond. Did they have some kind of pre-historic water towers back then? I’m guessing not since they probably didn’t understand gravity… or the benefits of filtering water for that matter…


I believe fluid dynamics including irrigation, tides, flooding, and other natural disasters are planned for a post-launch release.

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Ah, alright. Thanks for the information.

Would you happen to know if that includes the ability to make moats and dig holes? I guess this would be more like teraformimg

Irrigation mechanic is currently an ongoing goal on the crownfunding campaign :
On the associate picture there is some kind of water ditch so I am guessing terraforming for irrigation purposes is planned.