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Development of Economy in Ancient Times

Concidering the goal developers have to showcase different games over the course of different eras (Neolothic, Greece, Middle Ages, etc.), how extensive will economy be fleshed out

For example, in reality as a species, human inheritance of power and wealth has been passed down over the generations from father to son (patriarchy). Would it be possible to choose a policy or a set of policies which lets power and wealth to be inherited via mother to daughter (matriachy)? I know paradox did something similar with simulating dynasties in Crusader Kings 2. And would players be able to continue their society’s policies where they left off from era to era, presumably from one game expansion to the next?


That’s a good idea! We’ve already talked a bit about patriarchy and matriarchy, maybe this kind of politics will be up to the player, it still has not been revealed.
I suggest you take a look at the Economy topic, the debate there is enlightening (maybe this could be merged with the older topic?)!


At this point I feel any more information they give out will lessen the experience when we finally get to play the game. I can understand peoples’ eagerness to know every last detail but you will ultimately have a far more and long-lasting fun if you discover these things as you take each step :slight_smile:

Even if I acknowledge and value the discovery factor when playing a game, I find it equally important to at least roughly know what to expect. Although the funding campaign is officially over and, therefore, advertising would not be that useful, it is normal to keep the playerbase informed and manage expectations/the hype. Very little has been revealed gameplay-wise, yet the latest updates state that gameplay elements are indeed being implemented (I do also acknowledge the recent issues that are being addressed as we speak).

I’m just waiting (as) patiently (as I can!!) for the anticipated world map update comes so we can learn what we will be able to do on said world map.