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Developers' past projects and experience

Not quite a feedback/suggestion topic, but here goes: I’m curious to hear more about the developer’s background, if they want to talk about themselves a bit, that is. I read what is available, the extensive experience with custom 3D engines is obvious and shows with every screenshot and video posted, and the passion is likewise palpable. How about game design experience? Have you guys worked on anything else?

Relatedly, I’m interested in design decisions and snippets of design documents (those you don’t mind sharing), as well as current timeline planning with milestones. Asking for much, I know :slight_smile: Anyway, I expect you intend to publish some of these in the VIP section eventually, I’m looking forward to it!


Oops, my very first topic I started was not really a success :slight_smile: (although thank you for the two likes)

I was wondering if anyone has anything to add, if not, let this topic simply slide into obscurity as it should happen to all old ones, of course.

@Marko It is an interesting topic but only the devs can answer so it limit the amount of reply :slight_smile:. They must be quick busy right now hence they do not have too much time for the forum. Maybe later

Of course, I understand that. Maybe this spurs them on :wink: but I wouldn’t want to encroach on their development time, they are more active on the forums than I expected as it is, and I appreciate it a whole lot!

You are right, we are pretty busy now. Currently our priority is gain momentum in the development process. Maybe in the future we can open a section to talk about us. Thank you for your suggestions!


@Uncasual is the art director and you can see more of his work on Lots of cool looking concept art there!