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Decorative but practical buildings

I like being creative in city building games, but i hate when you build something like bench and nobody gives a damn its even there. I hope in this game itll be different. Benches, flower pots, outhouse, fountain or well,…i honestly have no idea what was decorative in neolithic era …sorry guys, but you get point :slight_smile:

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We get the point ; )


Middens! We need Middens :smiley:


Thats too practical! :slight_smile:

Will building walls and fences have strategical meaning?

That would bring up the question about idleness. Would the game bring in more idleness if needs were not being met or would they be naturally goofing, minus the outhouse visits. Also if outhouse were added (period equivalent) what would that do for over all health? (Stronghold is a game that used outhouses and diseases.)

As far as I know, there will indeed be fortifications (walls surrounding your village) and fences (generally around farms perhaps to keep out animals that would ruin your crops). In terms of the fortifications, I believe they will be used as a way to keep out predators and perhaps rival tribes, although I am not sure in that respect

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