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Cuts in government financial help

Even if it seems a little selfish, just wanted to make sure you guys aren’t affected by this infuriating measure, since you’re a 3-man corporation.
See you on the forum

For the people who don’t speak spanish, and if I understood the article well:
The spanish government is cutting 2 million € in the subisdies in the spanish videogame industry BUT it seems to only affect the corporations above 5 employees, which could represent 50% to 85% these studios’ budget.

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I hope it doesn’t affect ancient cities. Not only is the game absolutely awesome, but I would hate to think that the devs would have any hardships. I’m a fan of social programs.

We didn’t ask for Spanish government help, so we are not.
We think help from people really interested in the project is far more reliable.


Thank you for letting us know! Some of us were rather worried. Not only is a fellow developer, but also a somebody very interested in this project! \o/

Say, didn’t the spanish govt then immediately replace the old grant with an even bigger one?

Really? Could you cite the source? :open_mouth:

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locura :astonished:

Just because there are grants doesn’t mean you will qualify.

Sometimes development grants are regionally based, they are in the UK, hopefully Spain is different, but local development policy is the way things are done in Europe.

In the UK to qualify for a software development grant you need to be a major employer, to situate your business in the ‘silicon roundabout’ in Croydon. I never got to find out why that was.

It would pay the devs to see if there is a local condition for funding grants.