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Cultural Foundations and Intellectual Exchange

Something I’d like to see is the ability to steer the culture of your civilization. The clothing, morals and norms in depth so as to have the capability to build a civilization in which the government layout, and society reflect what you had in mind for your people. Specific moral and societal norms to steer your people towards and taboos to avoid as well as the ability to shape the punishments for violating these systems and forming somewhat of a legal system and established government is just an interesting concept to me. I think it would be interesting just to have that level of depth and see how efficient different cultural, legal and governmental combinations would be. Likewise, the ability to come in contact with other civilizations and establish trade routes with a consistent flow of cultural, and intellectual exchange not just economic exchange also appeals deeply to me; as someone with roots in middle eastern culture and a love of human history, intellectual exchange of ideas and technologies through trade with other ancient civilizations was a big part of how our ancient civilizations flourished there. I can’t wait for the closed Beta and am unaware if any of these concepts are explored in depth in whats already been introduced to the game, just voicing what I personally would love to see and wondering how others like the concepts. Keep up the hard work and stay awesome @UncasualGames


Please read description of “Closed beta rewards” for current contents. At this time we have only scratched the surface of some aspects in Mesolithic era, the most basic ones. The social structure and social interactions are to be developed.


I’m excited to watch this game grow into a finished product and be a part of it all. It already blows me away how far development has come for Ancient cities. I am just voicing ideas. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the reply.