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So, I just made the worst lemon tart in the world this morning and it got me thinking about cooking in the ancient world. Obviously, there were much less advanced cooking measures than there are now. But, I was wondering if there is a way that we can cook various ingredients together in order to create a more nutritious meal for our people. I.e. combine meat (any) with salt and a drying hut to create jerkey that won’t spoil. Or wheat or millet and a grind stone to create flour that can be made into bread. Etc. I think you get what I mean.

We are planning a interesting food system, but it is too soon to talk about it right now :wink:


If it needs recipes, let me know. I have lots of good Neolithic recipes. I based them on the food, techniques and tools available. Some are good, too!

Note: they are imagined as no one knows for sure what recipes were used.

ooooo juicy tidbits :smiley:

Sounds interesting, I would be interested in trying some out irl tbh

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Ill start extracting them from my texts and post a few.