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Compassion and Disabilities in AC

Hi, I just watched this interesting video on how compassion for the disabled has appeared throughout prehistory:

I’d be really neat to see if AC may one day implement such features and hard moral descisions to do with care of elderly and the disabled. Like having the choice of making our tribes ancient utopias that care for everyone, or making a brutal society that enforces eugenics similar to that of Sparta. It would add a really brutal and morally questioning side to the game, resembling those of games such as Frostpunk that forces the player to make brutal descisions for their society. Implementing this into a game such as AC seems to be quite fitting.


There is evidence for ancient empathy and we know empathy was evolutionary selected as a beneficial survival trait for social creatures.

People were injured constantly in ancient times(just look at the bones left behind to see this in detail). I agree that we should have wounded, injured and disabled people with the tribe. They should live or die based both on chance and by care.


this topic is really interesting, but from my point pf view just opens the dor for discussions without agreement. As you can see nowadays in our society i.e. the twins genetically edited in order to make them inmune to some illness. ( i mention this example as a moral contradiction, as it is a cure, but also an experiment without enought knowladge of the side effects).

However, on the early stages and when survival was the first priority of each tribe, is not hard to imagine that some were left on the way, natural selection also plays a huge role.
Obiously if a tribe is sedimentary disabled inhabitantswill have more chances to survive, as they will be also valuable for the comunity while they can do some tasks like some kind of work or just like kids help at their relarives doing simple tasks.