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City / Cuilding developpement mechanics

Hello neolithic pre-civilized settlers,

After watching different trailers of the game one question came to me : How is the expention mechanic of cityes working ?

More precisly : Is a update building mechanic introduced in the game (like different types of houses that can be “clicked-up”) or do the diffrent buildings need to be demolished ?

I wont say that there is a “good” way to perform this. Both mechanics are interesting. The most easy to developpe -> demolish-rebuild make the city mangement a bit harder and more realistic. Slowing the game so that you expend the city on a larger erea to be able to reorganize the center part. While an “home upgrading” possibility would allows to manage space in a more accurate maner.

Well, the videos looks promessing. I saw quiet a lot of types of houses/buildings so how did AC modelize it’s developpement ?

Yeah i must agree, i’m a curious person ! :sweat_smile:

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We are planning to support both methods.
Some buildings will support upgrades that will not change the type of building, just improve it if possible. To build a different type of building the previous one need to be demolished or just keep it desatended until it collapse by itself.


That’s a good idea as when we get to Anatolia, we will literally have buildings upon the ruins of other buildings forming a tell. =)


And not only in Anatolia … Think, there was such a thing in all cities. The older the city, the more layers, increasingly concentrated on the area of the original foundation. I remember that the cellar of the house of a family friend formed a gate tower of a Roman fort.

On this occasion, have you thought of any form of grid? Or will the buildings be free to place (which I would prefer)?


In the videos, it looks free form. There’s a video that shows the placement of a little Hut, and looks completely free form


There is an under layer grid used by the game for many things, but building placement is not restricted by it.