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Citizen names and linguistics

For me, I needed a consistent reconstructed language for my characters to speak as opposed to the usual ugh you find in prehistoric fiction. Unfortunately, regardless of how much research I put into it, I am neither a linguist nor an archaeologist. My background is computer science. Though I have dedicated years to research, there is a limit to my authenticity that would require advanced knowledge of archaeology and linguistics that I simply don’t have. =/

I was mostly wondering if there are any reconstructed Afroasiatic languages. PIE has had generations of work put into it, but I’m unaware of a single study that has been done on finding Proto-Afroasiatic or an equivalent (even though the fact that written language extending so much further back for that language family should enable us to make a better reconstruction I’d think).
edit I have heard of some Proto-Uralic words being reconstructed though, so maybe I just haven’t stumbled across the literature?

I use AP language for one of my characters, as well as several traders who stopped by at one point. I don’t reconstruct the entire language just a few word approximations.

Of course not! Whole careers have been spent reconstructing dead languages! :smiley:

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And Klingon.:grinning: