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Cavemen and Stonemasons

I have seen some of the screen shots of this beautiful game. In one I saw a mine. This lead me to think of cave men. And the stone masons. Then oddly the Mines of Moria. Is it entirely possible in a mountainous region to build into the granite? Like Petra. To create fortifications from the stone itself. Maybe not right off. But over time. I can’t imagine ancient man looked at large caves and didn’t think it nice cover and protection from the elements.

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They are thinking about cave : Cave Habitat and cave painting
About cities like Petra it would be wonderful if it possible in the game but I do not think it is in the timeframe and location of the first release.

Probably the magic word here is “Abu Simbel”, just at the transition between Bronze & Iron Age. With a bit of modding I guess it would allow such monuments as Petra.

However, I think I remember there were some issues with mines and terraformation, because of pathing. Maybe such features could create some issues also.

I think for this sort of housing (Petra, Abu Simbel, Adjanta) the game is set some 10.000 Years to early.
Purpose of the above mentioned buildings was except showing of wealth, pleasing the gods or the king. Mostly religious, even with petra it started first with the temple, much later the treasury and so on was created.

We are talking about a village / people struggling for there day to day survive. I don’t think they have the luxury to put 100-5000 workers to build a sun temple or an infrastructure like Petra, I guess?

Point taken. Although my original idea was not so much Petra esk. I was using it as an example. I ment on a much smaller level for early game housing for the tribe. Think more along the lines of the Natives from “The Thirteenth Warrior”. If you live in an area that has hundreds of natural caves and tunnels… would you build your town outside? Or inside these large caverns?

Ahh, yes the 13th warrior, liked the movie even if it was historically total crazy crap :smiley: Cavefolks worshiping a venus of willendorf during the viking time :stuck_out_tongue: Hoowever, I understand your point, yes cave structures would make sense if the natural form of a cave would give them the opportunity to expand. Because digging wholes into a mountain /rock in such a big scale is a much later invention then in the neolithic time.

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But the film its loosely based on the real travel by Ahmad ibn Fadlan, who wrote a must reading wonderful text about it:

We have plans to have caves for the Ice Age expansion, that seems to be a must, but we still don’t know how to solve some technical aspect of it. Not a priority for the first release thought.

Of course stonemasons and proper stone buildings for each age will be in the game.