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Cave Habitat and cave painting

Since the begin of this forum, severals people have post picture of cave painting. There is around 350 known cave painting sites in Europe (mostly in Spain and France). The oldest ones are around 40 000 years old.

Moreover, caves could offer temporally selter early game when you are still a nomadic tribe (like it was in real life).

Hence I wonder if cave painting and habitat will be in the game? Will it be possible to (re)creat existing cave painting (a bit like wonder momunents)? Is it a hidden goal in the indiegogo campaign?


This would be amazing to have

We know we need some sort of cave in the game, at least for the ice age expansion so we have been thinking about them. Yet we still don’t know how to approach the problem. Probably they will work like a natural building with lot of capacity that the player can find in some maps. We still need to think exactly what gameplay are linked to caves.


NPR just wrote an article about Animal Images In Prehistoric Rock Art: Looking Beyond Europe for the soon-to-be published The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art.

What I can tell from the Swabian Jura caves is that much of the daily business was happening just outside the cave. The cave itself was dark, dank and cold… although the last one is a relative term in ice age Europe, I guess.

But for the lack of natural light and space, most work and ativity was happening right at the entrance, probably with different work stations for different purposes. The cave itself was mostly a shelter and storage facility.


My family were on vacation about a month ago to Utah and there we got a taste of some Indian cave building and cave art so that got me thinking if that will be implemented in at some point seeing that both were important things in Europe and western America at the time I did not look for this type of post yet so forgive me if there is.

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Basically caves are not yet a priority but they will play a huge role in the firts expansion, the Ice Age DLC


Will AC let us to set up a home inside a cave?
Here where i live it is still a type of house.

Actually our weekendhome is a cave!

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that sounds cool, but the top down view of the camera would make it problematic.

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Maybe some kind of X-ray cam?