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Canoe's and other water transportation

Will we get boats and canoe’s in the game at one point? Would be fun if a villager is traveling past the coast in a canoe because its faster then walking.

the oldest canoe they ever found is around 9,500- 11,000 years old


O.o that would be awesome. I actually haven’t thought about the possibility of boats or canoes in the game. I can imagine the additional farming or fishing for the villagers.

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I too hope that we get little boats. They would be used buy many Neolithic cultures for everything from fishing and gathering reeds, to trade and possibly even warfare.

A common early design would be a wooden dugout. That’s the kind you see in the picture above. These are easy to make by felling a tree and removing its limbs. You then scrape the bark off of the tree and begin cutting into it with stone tools. Once you have a little bit of a rough spot on the top, you can begin adding fiery ember’s and fanning them so that they burn through the wood, slowly. River clay could be put around the edges forming a barrier to keep the fire centered in the inside of the canoe. It takes a while, but I have perform this action myself making other wooden tools.