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Hello all together,

First off all I want to say that I´m very happy to be here and maybe can help a little bit :slight_smile:

As you can see in the Headline this topic is about canals. I´ve seen in a video that´s very important to build near some water (obviously), but i never heard of canals in the game so you can provide farms which are a bit away from a lake or a river or something with water.

I can imagine that you already thought about that, but I never heard about it. It would be really nice to see a tool for some canals like the one of the walls… Just click and pull as long as you want the canals/walls.

Would be nice to hear from you and what you say :slight_smile:

Jonathan aka. Naturbreit

P.s. a little bit of wikipedia research, but hey… it´s something ^^:

  • The oldest irrigation canal was built in Mesopotamia ca. 4000 BC
  • The First storage Systems in the Indus Vally Civilization/ Ancient India ca. 2600 BC
    ~ including the reservoirs built in Girnar (Egypt) ca. 3000 BC

Or shortly said, it fits perfectly in your timeline :wink:

Oh yeah and sorry for my english, i´m a german native speaker and my english is not very well ^^


Keep in mind that first release will be Neolithic Europe.
Any hint of consistent irrigation in Europe way before Bronze Age?

Neolithic Middle east, the next big expansion if funded, will be about 7000 AC by the way :wink:

At this moment irrigation is planned for Bronze age Europe and Mesopotamia, unless we have proof of extended irrigation before that.


Ok I see your far ahead of my thoughts ^^ yes I totally forgot about the setting, sometimes it´s a bit confusing when you dont work with it every day :wink:

And I will make some research about the irrigation and write again when I can say more.

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it is a messy for us as well. There is a different date for the same improvements for every place in the world.
We just decided to generalise a bit and play with what was the most common and proved to be extended practise.

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Maybe something more crude would work… like using a beaver dam to stop water for places that are ideal for farming. Just a thought.

I see. But I totally trust you that you´ll get the right mixture between historical accuracy and a good game compability, the topic is pretty nice and I think everyone of us can see that you have a lot of fun working with it, even tough it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes :wink:

I thouth about canals too. Something in sense that your crops would neeed some irrigation or they wouldnt grow or be too slow growing. Then your people need suply of fresh water, especialy in middle east. Later in game (bronze,other ages) i would love to see some kind of first sewer systems, since people live more and more together sewage must have been problem too. And later maybe some kind of aquaducts.

Canals are a bit too advanced for Neolithic peoples. With this said I would love to play with those as well when Bronze Age comes

Bear in mind that canals are not the only way to provide water to farms at further distance from rivers. Water wells are another possible source, and these are known to date back further than 5000 BC.

Further read:


That’s the way, with reference included :wink:

I’m a Dutchman myself and my English is not good so I use a translator. The idea of ​​a canal is fun at that time I’m not sure. Mayas who have so much water pressure in an underground canal made with stone blocks that ran far ahead of their time smart people
It was possible.