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Can i give away my key?

Hi there. Is there a way to give away my game key? it’s been so long and looks like I just lost interest in this. This is one of a very few projects I’m kinda sorry I backed. Whatta waste of $$$

If it is that bad why would you want to gift it to somebody? That is worse than second hand undies


second-hand undies… I can never unread that now :rofl:


I agree, its pretty ridiculous how much money they have raised and we can build 4 different huts. What a joke. Only project i have ever backed, and trust me , it will be the last.

When I told them, please don’t go early access, that’s where games go to die. Their response was “We would never do that, we are going to finish and properly release the game”.

What a pile of horse Sh!t they fed us. This is probably a 1 person “studio” that is doing the bare minimum while living off the Kickstarter cash… lol

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Totally and 100% agree.