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Building Materials: Will trees and stone be realistic "Mass" wise?

One of my biggest problems with some sims (such as a certain Castle building sim) is that stone and timber is not represented realistically. (Construction is also instant and requires no scaffolds or labor)

For example: stone comes from a quarry “node” with unlimited supply and doesn’t affect the landscape when it is removed. Timber magically multiplies to a long section of palisade from one tree.

I would like the mass of materials as well as transport and construction to be represented realistically. If lots or rocks and earth are removed from one area I would like there to be a hole of the same size. Quarrying in a certain area can then be part of planning defenses.

That way I will feel a much greater sense of achievement when I finally have a solid wall around my settlement.



It depends on how many trees you can have there in engine, if you cant have a realistic amount then it should create more wood per tree.

A quarry on the other hand only changes the terrain and shouldnt have massive impact on performance and therefore be easily realistically implemented. Same with underground mines, you cant see them, they would just be numbers and run out eventually and so on.

Otherwise I agree, unlimited nodes are dumb, it doesnt fit the game.