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Beta Videos

Hi guys.

If the Beta will Be relesead this summer, why not to start showing the game with some videos similar to the ones that you had done before?
It is just a suggestion


I agree. Good luck with your logic in this forum. The haters will now commence…

Totally agree. We need videos, not just only screenshots, to see the progress of the game. If devs are correct, the game will be released very soon, so it does not matter that the videos are released. I don’t think there will be copycats at this point.

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Like everyone I am impatient to play the game and a trailer would be very apreciated. However I know that making a trailer is not as easy as it look and will took time. Hence I can understand that they focus more on the game specially when the release date for the beta is coming. I expect that they will release a trailer when the beta is out since it is a lot easier to produce a trailer with a running beta version rather than with a development build.
We have to remember that it is a two mans team so the time they spend on trailer building is lost for development


I wasn’t talk about a trailer, but for something like they done for youtube some years ago.

Are you talking about these : ? They uses them when they needed the hype for crowdfunding campaigns
Now the arguments are the same than a regular trailer : time lost for no real benefit when the beta is schedule for summer, they will use the beta to manufacture the trailer and build the hype (a game trailer has much more appeal when you can actually play the beta)


Also think that in an advanced stage of development, no “track” should be made. Would be helpful for the level of awareness but would also be discussed without being able to test the result. Risky “for” and “again”. Better as part of a beta than an accomplished fact.
Then there is the issue of copyright for an unfinished product. Where to draw the line without experiencing the depth of the game?
We will have to be patient and wish our friends from the development all the best and good health.

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I would like to see a gameplay beta trailer about a week before beta release. So get some hype and get to the next goal. It would be really cool to crush every goal set forward by the devs. I love these advance through the ages game types.