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Another method of tanning leather

Continuing the discussion from Neolithic Clothing in the Game?: @lotus253

Some other tanning techniques come from ancient times; It has the middle tannery … it is malleable and with little tillage it is easy to handle is easy: 1/2 kg of medium salt. 300 gr of fine milled alumina stone. — Mix everything well ----- 1- Remove the leather of the animal and clean well those meats and fascias that remain. 2 - distribute the mixture of salt and alumem by the whole leather with the hand until covering the whole extension. 3 - Spread a liter of milk for the whole leather. 4 - curl with the hair out. 5- Let it dry for 4 days in the shade. 6 - Does the staking in wooden frame. 7-leaves three days … SOON SOON.

Wait a minute, who is this guy? And why is he a “guest”. For any reason, I’m started to get excited about the release of the game, perhaps this year xD
Even more with what they post on Twitter lately.

@GranTonina -The game only comes out in 2019. It has already been announced by twitter, facebook of Ancient Cities.
I am a contributor to the game whenever possible via i box through facebook and twitter.


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