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Animal Density

Hello Everyone,
I don’t know if someone has made a point about this before but as humans continued to expand across the continents megafuana (large animals) began to recede from areas as they were hunted to extinction. Would it be possible to implement a feature that as a village expanded the large animals around you would decrease as you hunted them more often? On the flip side should you decrease your hunting and prioritize other means of gathering food or perhaps choose other animals to hunt then the large game would rebound.
Hope this makes sense.


Its been said that everything in game is finite. So you can extinct certain animals on map you are playing if you hunt them all the time. Same goes for resources like stone, metals, or trees,…
At least this information i know of so far. Don’t know if it was changed.


I do hope that there is some rejuvenation of animals and plants over time, is that is actually a natural and realistic occurrence

Thank you for the clarification. Things being finite would make sense for groups especially those that are more nomadic.

New seeds enter the map with the wind while new wild fauna have a chance to enter the map too.


Perfect! A balance between the natural result of over-hunting as well as the natural restoration of Wildlife and plants is exactly what we need


Would there be methods that a village or group could use to draw more animals in such as using lures? Or similar to the methods of some native tribes setting bush fires to clear out land so there is more grazing space for animals? There could even be a reverse effect that such a fire might damage other food sources or cause injuries.


Regarding resources in general (animals, wood, stone, minerals,…) I think it is important that they are finite but some maps should have more resources that others depending on geography:

  • Big plains with water: many animals
  • Deep forest: wood obviously
  • Hills/mountains: stone and minerals

And regarding the stone and minerals, some deposits must be so big that they seem infinite for a Neolithic village but will depleted in the following ages. I think that village specialization is very important for later ages so a big minerals deposits should not run out too soon. In Bronze Age, specialized copper or tin villages should be more rich but also more likely to be attacked.

For flint deposits I do not have the knowledge on how big they were and if Neolithic peoples manage to depleted them.

Another way could be to increase the size of the deposits or refill empty ones when news mining technologies are discovers.

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We could have natural biodiversity events also. specially as this game takes place over an extended time period, some animals might lose in competition to other animals even without human intervention.