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Ancient Cities v0.2.6.0 Biological Family

v0.2.6.0 Biological family

A first approach to family relationships, more to come in the future.


  • Biological family relationships.
  • New portrait system : Human portraits improved.
  • New Animal : Wild Goat.
  • New rivers in Norway and Spain : Otra, Numedalslågen, Duero, Jucar.


  • Dead notifications issues.
  • Crafting issues and reports.
  • Increased temperature ranges for some vegetal resources.
  • Humans & animals reproduction rates increased.
  • Animal localization issues.
  • No intercourse with same mother siblings.
  • Priority not showed correctly in lists when a new building starts to be built.
  • Current task adherence improved for communal tasks.
  • Fishing & Production tasks cleared every day to generate tasks nearer to the camp.
  • Manual chop tasks disappearing.
  • Constitution : changes do not display properly.
  • The amounts of the current constitution resources are not displayed correctly.
  • Hunting group reporting no proper tools.
  • Tool lack reporting in tribe tasks, clear area, hunt and chopping groups.
  • Priority control don’t working properly.
  • Child with no fathers.
  • Crash in human meeting behaviour.
  • Medium rivers do not show in the European map.
  • Fix siblings and couples of corpses.
  • Some localization fixes.
  • Unusable storage areas.
  • The pregnant and baby traits disappear when the father dies.


  • Rivers are not carved correctly in some locations.
  • Saved games could become obsolete after an update.
  • Temporary performance hiccups are expected when changing graphics settings.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


Next feature in Now working on ‘Tribe leader’.


If you want to support Ancient Cities development, please write a review on the Steam store page.


Finally I have a population that feels like it is steadily growing and people that are smart enough… or rather I have the tools to help them, be smart enough, not to starve themselves!

All we need now is the real risk to life via e.g. other tribes instead of just punishing me for being bad at the game and we have proper jeopardy rather than frustration.

I’ve done one run of this version and I’ve hit the point where I feel like my guys would be like “We should start building our houses out of stone?” maybe coming soon?


I have sent in report number 4225

A wall section claiming it’s inaccessible even though you can clearly get at it from one side.



Thank you for your feedback!


Miracle!! A virgin has been pregnant. No father. Miracle!! Aleluyah! Maybe a new religion?

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Hi again,
Maybe another bug? Cannot see the top of the character stats


Also, could be posible to increase the length of the group names? There is a limit and cannot name them as I want.


We will check if possible

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Windowed mode? resolution?

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No windowed. Not sure about the resolution. It is not displayed in graphic options:


Hi again,

A lot of food, but some settlers are close to die due to lack of food. Maybe a bug?

PD: Picha has died

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There are more settlers starving with a lot of food

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Have you perhaps placed rations on too high, or disallowing taking out food from the storage areas ?
I does however look like the food is fresh, hence it hasnt laid long untouched enough to warrant starvation death, nor does it look like you have a storage area for Rosehips as I can see they are together with leather in a way that tells me there is no storage area there.
The pits seems to be under dismantle order as well, and I assume your people are still working tho as the food is too fresh for them to have stood around frozen for long.
The angry face is also stage 1, meaning they have not been angry for long, by the time terminal starvation is happening they will have a very very angry face, and not the mildly bothered one this guy has in this SS. The Will of this dude tells us he wouldve left before this situation had escalated this bad, and the angry face would be fuming, so this is more likely to be a bug, maybe best to create a report :slight_smile:

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Please CTRL+R to send a report

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Report 4407 submitted


This save game is far after the reported issues, we can’t reproduce any problem.

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