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Ancient Cities on Steam store, Add it to your wishlist!

Ancient Cities Steam store page is already open!

Please add Ancient Cities to your wishlist to support the game!

Adding Ancient Cities to your Steam wishlist is extremely important to the performance of the game on the Steam store. You will also be notified when the game is released!

Direct link on Steam app: Steam Store


I’m not sure that you understand just how infuriating it is for those that backed the game from the very early days, full of hope for something new, to see that people can come along and pay for the beta. Steam users will soon be able to pay to be involved. Yet I will have to wait for my pledge to become active for me to receive any reward.
What did I pay 40 euros for way back in, what was it? 2017? What is my reward for helping to get the project off the ground. Oh here’s 40 euros worth of more waiting, hope you enjoy it.

I’m absolutely furious that I will get my game at the same time as someone else chooses to buy it. Why did I bother? There is no incentive to back schemes like this any longer because you take the money, take years longer than your own stupidly self-inflicted deadlines, and ignore the early backers.

I may as well have saved my money and bought the game on steam when it comes out. Because the only difference between those two options is a small matter of three years. I’d be better off waiting for it to show up in a humble bundle for free.

I won’t be adding this to my wishlist because I wish I had never seen the project. But there’s a sucker born every minute I guess.


I’m sorry to hear that. We have apologized many times for our missed deadline, we apologize again. We are doing our best to bring this project to life. In this way, more than two thousand of backers with closed access reward are playing the game from this July. We would like to give access to every backer prior to release but Steam is very restrictive with keys before public release. We will try to find some kind of “limited” solution.


Its not a big deal. To answer your question why did you bother and pay 40 euros. Its to fund the game for the possibility of it coming to fruition.

The benefits of backing early is to follow development and provide information. How do you expect them to pander to early backers for ever, its unrealistic.


Are you for real? I’ve asked for nothing. I have not been pandered to. I have received nothing. I asked what is my benefit from handing out my money 3 years ago when someone else can pay less money today and gain beta access? Yet me? I have to pay more for beta access and still don’t get my pledge fulfilled.
By all means disagree with me but don’t dare attempt to argue the facts. You will not win.


I have resolved myself with the game being overdue. It happens all too often. What riles me is that unless I spend more money I cant access the beta. Yet someone who hears of this game yesterday can pay now for immediate access and with the Steam early access launch coming that will be many more people who have access to the game before me. Because I was an idiot and paid more than you will charge for this game 3 years ago. That’s my issue.


100% agree with you

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Steam has nothing to do with backers, at this point. If 2K are already playing, you could allow more, lower tier, to play as well. (FACT) And you cannot bring a valid response to FACT! Zoot is 100%. Best Regards.

Zoot…You are 100%. In response to Ancient Cities…

Steam has nothing to do with backers, at this point. If 2K are already playing, you could allow more, lower tier, to play as well. (FACT) And you cannot bring a valid response to FACT! Zoot is 100%. Best Regards.

@Zoot From what I saw on the steam page it is not possible to subscribe to early access (yet ?). The only persons with early access are the people who backed the game with a 60€ pledge. Moreover, it is not possible to even buy the game yet. So currently someone who paid 40€ do not have access to the game. I do not know how early access (if any) will work on steam but it a big platform with a lot of power and they are just a small team so they can only do want the platform valid.

Moreover, when early access for backers was released some peoples who pledge 1h before the end of the campaign got it before people who pledge on Kickstarter on 2017 (access were delivered by pledge value). Peoples complained but in the end everybody got the game and critics stops. What matter is that everybody got a good game, not who got it first.

@MoeJazz I unterstand your eagerness to play the game, you are a member on this forum since 2017 but the purpose of early access is to interact with a reduce number of people to test the game: 2K peoples are currently playing and nearly 6 900 peoples backed the game, it will triple the amount of users on a beta version. Moreover we do not have the price of early access yet (or the full game) so it a bit early to complain. Once we know everything we can formulate request.

That a conclusion I think that the backing of a game is more than just getting the game early, it is about the exchange of ideas with the devs and the community.


You paid your money with the knowledge of not getting early access.

I did exactly the same.

It’s now in a WIP version and I have upgraded my pledge to play this WIP. I have now paid twice for this game.

I have no issue with this as I am a part of something which is being built that hopefully many thousands of people will be able to enjoy.

The game delay will only be frustrating if on release it is still broken and suffering with bugs. This is a very small developer compared to most and if they get it right due to time I’m all for it.

You obviously wanted to help this project to pay out in the first place. Why not add a little more and be a part of the process to build a much better game?

At least then you know your money is spent well.


I have the ability to play the (what are we calling this now, beta?) game, yet the amount of content is just disappointing. To be precise, I played it once and uninstalled it. To those that don’t have keys, you aren’t missing much. If I could give away my key I would. This game is the reason I don’t support kickstarters anymore.

You are entitled to your thoughts and feelings, we all are… so here’s my two cents.

Many kickstarted games don’t make it to release and most games take longer to release than planned. If the devs did anything foolish, it was to state an expected release date so early into the process. I haven’t followed this game too closely after supporting it, but I vaguely recall something about them rebuilding a lot of the engine tech to suit both their current and future needs. Maybe they wouldn’t have done that if the early support was less, anyways I’m glad they had enough support to take the time to do it right instead of rushing out a sub-par product.

I don’t know why you are furious that “[you] will get [your] game at the same time as someone else chooses to buy it.” The perks of the various pledge levels clearly state that anything less than €60 will only “Get the game on Steam when released.” Beta access only started at Lord or higher, if you really wanted that perk you should have paid for it then. I can see a kickstarter backer with beta access being annoyed with steam access, depending on price, but it makes sense from the developer’s perspective and most people probably don’t care.

Your “reward” for helping to get the project off the ground is that the game actually exists, and your name in the credits. Expecting much more is greedy of you.


Bro, I understand that you feel bad and that you feel furious because apparently you do not get any benefit. If you put it in perspective, our benefit is that the game came out, as far as I know, this game only existed in my imagination, suddenly I found a group of video game developers in Spain that matched my desire to know and learn from the Neolithic. As I say, I understand that you are unhappy, but if it weren’t for the people who believed this could be possible, we put our money at the “stake” because we had no guarantee that it would happen. Today we have a date that we can enjoy. I know myself and precisely for that reason, I did not want to sign up to be a beta tester because I would not like to see the game that I have waited half finished.


Actually, forget beta access… we deserve something special. We
E made this game haooe