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Ancient Cities Official release date!

After months of early access development and testing, we have completed the majority of the gameplay planned in our roadmap.

At this point the game is fully playable pending the implementation of husbandry in the local map, plus trade and raids in the regional map.

We have calculated that we will likely need a few more months of development to achieve these goals.

During these months, we will not only include these features, but also improve compatibility, optimization and further polish the current gameplay.

Therefore, we want to announce that March 24th 2023 will be the official release date for Ancient Cities!

But there are more news!

Now that we have a very developed and tested gameplay, we have decided to participate in the Steam Autumn sale starting next November 22nd so that more people can enjoy the game and participate in the final development sprint before the official release of the game.

Add Ancient Cities to your Steam Wishlist and Follow the game to be notified!

A big Thank you to everybody for all your support!

Uncasual Games team.