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Ancient Cities early access version on Steam now!

Game is available to every backer!

If you have some issue with your game key please contact us in the Ancient Cities website.

We invite you to support the game on Steam from tomorrow December 17 by following , wishlisting , reviewing, modding and participating in the forums to help Ancient Cities project to grow.

Closed version NDA is removed for the public version of the game.

Backers with “Beta access” reward will be granted access to the “Backers” branch of the game where NDA will remain active. WIP Forum is the place to discuss about Backers branch and this forum contents will also remain under NDA.

It says the game is available to every backer, i pledged at the “early chief” level, but seem to have to pay on steam to get the game. Is this an error?

Please go to the web settings page to retrieve your key.
Click in any other web section than the forum to view the little cog wheel in the top navigation bar.

For me it says “this game is not yet available”?

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Try restarting steam

Contact us on if you dont have your game key