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Ancient Aliens?

Just asking, will there be an Ancient Alien DLC in the future? I think it’d be quite interesting addition (and possibly a comedic/light-hearted one at that). Plus alternatives to religious idols…Xenu, Cthulhu, etc. can become possibilities as we watch our tribe work together with alien races to produce various megastructures. Ultimately up to devs on how serious they want their game to be, but this may add an interesting turn on the game in the future with basically limitless possibilities and new content.

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Though I agree that it might turn out to be fun. I think that this would be more a DIY mod kind of thing. Not something that the programmers should put in a game intentionally.


I imagine this will be a no. The game is meant to be as historically accurate as possible.


Wait!, Cthulhu is not historically accurate !?


Yes it is.

LOVECRAFT, Howard Phillips. The Call of Cthulu. Weird Tales, 1928.


Now it’s been advertised, no way we can’t have this :wink:


Think about an “Atlantis mod” …? :wink:

That’s pretty impressive Photoshop :laughing:

Its not photohsoped actually. We just picked a free dinosaur 3D model from internet and made a building from it :wink:


Well I’ll be damned, Ancient Cities will be as accurate as a Mortadelo y Filemón comic (sorry for the spanish private joke)

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Future tribe leader:


Aliens could be awsome as some sort of “Joke” where they could come and steal a settler with some years difference. maybe an option to turn on stuff that arent historical accurate :wink:

I’d like to see a bunch of aliens coming down to trade needed supplies when you get really low and your people are starting to die, or possibly having the option to enslave your tribe to work mines, eventually finding a way to achieve freedom. Also, having this as an on/off bonus feature would indeed be sweet. :dizzy_face:

Here’s a link to some… “inspiration” :wink:

Not sure, if it’s fun to play in the Neolithic what we experience daily today… :grin:

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Alien invasion end game event? Like wave survival? :wink:

There are already plenty of interesting celestial events which can occur, quite naturally, to affect our Neolithic societies.
Our nights used to be more beautiful than they are now; a vast sea of stars unbleached or sullied by the hum and glow of our modern convenience. It is truly sad how much site we have lost in our quest to see, modern lights bleaching out much of what used to be the grandeur of night.


  1. Eclipses
  2. Transits
  3. Comet
  4. Meteors
  5. DSO’s (on a clear night)
  6. Novea
  7. Aroura
  8. and more!


Presumably, many of these apparitions were also very scary, lacking the knowledge about the connections. Even a deep red sunset raises questions when the previous sunset was not visible due to thick clouds, it only became dark. Is that a sign? from the gods? Good or bad?
Luckily it gets light again every morning … why? And suddenly it gets dark in the middle of the day, a strange star eats the sun …

The price for our knowledge…:smirk:

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It may be the price of knowledge, but it is a price we have heavily paid.

Our ancient ancestors we’re pretty smart and there is evidence that they realized patterns in these phenomenon, even if they couldn’t explain their cause. An example is Stonehenge.

This is why I really hope the devs add a bright Skydome with lots of stars and other things. If they wanted real photos, I could actually go out and get them. Astrophotography is something I do as an amateur astronomer.

Interaction with the night sky should definetly be part of the vannilla game, it’s only the extent of this interaction that should be in question. Obviously, having ancient aliens in the game as an on/off option will lower the realism, but as far as our tribe knows, many things could’ve been counted as extraterrestrial. Just look at the initial reaction native Americans had when the Spaniards arrived, they treated them as gods, thinking they were from out of this world. Imagine seeing what it would be like for our tribes to interact with actual aliens, no other game I know of has ever captured this interaction, and I believe Ancient Cities has all the resources necessary to implement this in an as realistic way possible, even as an Easter egg it’ll work. This interaction could also act to signify an end-game and see whether the Aliens enslave us as our gods? Trade with us as equals? Or will they hunt us like animals?

Just a suggestion to see what ya’ll think. :wink:

That was hilarious. I’d love a Dinosaurs gag DLC down the line…