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Alpha / Beta / Release dates?

When is the closed alpha supposed to happen?


Hi, closed alpha will be in the studio.

What will happen is a closed beta, stating few months before Steam release, which is planned for late 2018 or -more likely- early 2019 if all goes as planned but there is no official date yet.

Also, keep in mind that close beta will be provided in batches -with pledge priority order- so we don’t receive the same report 5000 times. Once detected bugs from the first batches are fixed, new batches will be open.
We are talking about technical fixes and bugs, not game-play fixes, so that process should be fairly fast one started.


How can we report issues in game?

When the time comes we will open a section in the forum for that.
If we feel that is not enough we will evaluate to use a more specific system for bug report.

For game-play the forum will be the way as that will very likely involve long debates about features.


I suggest an in-game shortcut to create a bug report. Like Subnautica did it for example.

Press a button, choose a category, write a short text on what happened, attach screenshot (optional), generate a DxDiag, send.

or something like this :slight_smile:
You could refer to the forum for gameplay-related issues within said in-game screen


An easily accessible in-game reporting system would make it far easier to report bugs, and as such would make it far more likely for people to report bugs they see. But I also understand it would require time and resources to be implemented, though I personally have often found bugs, tried to report them, and found that the process to do so is too bothersome =S.

An in-game bug reporting system, however, would also allow you to receive direct game-state information if necessary.

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Which month will the beta version come out?

hello, i have only a question.
when the alpha release on steam ?
i hope soon

There is not going to be an alpha release because
An alpha is a development stage, not a product to sell.

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I meant a playable version on the pc

Just realized I sound super passive-aggressive with this response but I’m okay with it @UncasualGames I swear :’) Keep up the good work :smile:

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There will be a closed beta for the people who pledged 60€ or more


I was just curious.
on the site says December 2018 but no talk about any kickstarter update

Get the game on Steam when released.
Estimated delivery: Dec 2018

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What I understand is :

  • For 60€ or more backer there will be a close beta in summer 2018
  • For the others the full game will be available in December 2018
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I don’t like throwing flowers to anybody, but the devs seem really serious and aware of all the difficulties related to releasing a decent game, with such high ambitions, at the end of 2018.

So their choice for not having a playable alpha is quite itching when seen from a player point of view, but that’s also a real defendable policy – especially as they will soon begin the discussions with the community on the various gameplay features.


Two sides of a medallion. On the one hand, an alpha would be a good basis for discussion. On the other hand, this can not be hidden from the public. Could be good publicity, but question arises, “Do you want this at this early stage and would the response tend to be positive or negative?” I’m sure they would be positive, but would compared to AoE, Banished and Forrest Village and bang - drawer. Think, better as soon as possible a beta, extended piece by piece.


After taking part in several Alpha, Beta and Steam Early Access games I believe the Devs are right on track with their decision to not release an Alpha version. With a small team and limited time an early or Alpha release could become overwhelming.
Most players here have enough experience playing City Builders to offer advice on our likes and dislikes while playing. I started a [conversation] (Game Play / Fun City Builders) earlier for that purpose.

Steam Early Access games get a lot of negative comments that refuse to take “Early Release” into consideration. Forest Village still has not recovered from all of the negativity.

I supported Planet Coaster which handle things the same way the AC devs are, that game has turned out great.
They closed off Alpha and Beta to a few chosen VIP members and didn’t release to Steam until they received thumbs up from the internal Beta players.
After closely watching the videos from the [AC youtube channel] ( I believe AC is heading in a great direction that doesn’t need an Alpha release.


Hear, hear! The developers’ decision to wait until the game is properly ready was the right one. Man is a fickle and short-sighted beast, just as @mjdflying points out with the case of Forest Village. And as @Elfryc points out, the discussions we are taking part of daily is surely already helping the developers, raising important issues, bringing up new perspectives and points. And especially if the developers start more serious discussions with their fans, it will be just that good basis for discussion @tschuschi mentions. At least we can hope so…


well, i think an alpha , it’s a good way to have a good opinion of the player.
maybe they whant create an alpha version only for selected people “tester”, it’s strange a lot of game have already an alpha or beta version, and all bug or report are send to the developer… i think it’s a good way to know how the game work, they risk a bad impression, if they relase only the finish game and then the player have some bug.
i don’t want do an other time the same thing whit planetcoaster, tons of update every week whit the final verison.
but that’s my opinion