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AI interaction

So it would be nice to see AI interaction with each other. Like citizens socializing and talking. That would really bring some life to the citizens so they are not these solitary creatures who only do work like in Banished.


Agreed! That’s a must. And it is awkward when the AI are zombies who just work. Social interactions should exist like it does in real life


absolutely agree, we seen before in other historic city builder like Children of the Nile, were really helpful because the chatting between AI was about city problem, service lacks ecct.


Same here. This will provide the game with a better inmersiĂłn.


Agree. Take the sims games for example.


I agree with the others this must be in the game.

In my opinion, this should be a vital part of the knowledge system. People gather around campfires to rest and regain energy, but also to converse and exchange knowledge. If someone who is good at hunting shares a fire with someone who is great at pottery, both will learn a bit of the other’s craft. This way you ensure that some of the knowledge survives even if your main keeper of that knowledge dies.

This also means that someone could eventually pick up another job if they are needed somewhere else.


Agree !

Oh! I love the image in my mind your post painted. Passing down the spoken word to the next generation of knowledge keepers! Could be Role all in its self. They are not there to BE a carpenter, but to make sure the knowledge is never lost should the last one die before taking an apprentice.

It would be really cool if, since people spend more time around their family, they would pass the the trade down through the family and prioritize their children as apprentices. Apprentices would gather the materials required for the trade and move things to/from storage but wouldn’t do real work until they had matured to adulthood, at which point they would have enough knowledge to work competently and eventually surpass their parent.

This way you would have family trades and certain geographical portions of the town would be better at certain things because they are in close proximity to each other.


Perhaps people who are too old to work could spend their time socializing and thereby passing on their skills?

They’d be like elders.


Yes, that is what I was imagining, that and the Lore Keeper types which where the speaking word where the tribes history was kept.