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6000 year old mother holding a child

Not long ago they found a grave off a mother holding her child that has been buried 6000 years ago in the late stone age. Just some fun thing to talk about.


People often speak of prehistoric warriors, men off raiding other tribes are working together to take down a large beast… All too often, the battle that women underwent, simply creating a child, goes unsung. For every single person who lived during the Neolithic, a woman entered significant pain and high odds of death, in some cases as bad as one in five. Just as we look upon a warrior’s grave, we should to look upon this grave for the noble sacrifice this woman made bringing new life into the world. Not every warrior escaped battle, and not every mother succeeded. Luckily, archaeology is finally beginning to speak the tail of women’s role in ancient civilization.

This is truly an interesting find, and it will be important in the game for burials like this. If the game mechanics are accurate, childbirth will be quite dangerous for the mother and extremely dangerous for the child. For the purposes of the game’s rating, I assume it will be more of a informational message that something has happened as opposed to actually seeing a mother child burial, or a child burial, though these would be extremely common things and people would see them from time to time in those days. Still, if one of your little villagers dies, there should be a burial for them which at least appears, if nothing more. Given the time flow of the game, individual people will become more important to the player and their death will be of greater consequence.


could you imagine the tribes strength to bury both together and they were not even high in rank

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I’m not actually so sure that there was a well-established hierarchical system of rank in Neolithic society. You see a little bit of evidence for now and then, but for the most part of men and women typically seem to be equal with one another at all levels. That’s not to suggest that society was either misogynistic or misandrist, but that burial practices in the general well-being of the people tends to show up at parity.

And of course it’s quite possible her family buried her. We don’t know what level of importance burials played in Neolithic society, but we can inferred that they were of importance given uniformity of burial practices, for example all males pointing in one direction and all females pointing another.

It definitely shows that her people had a care about her and that they thought highly enough of her to bury her that way.

a bit of an update they figured out that the child was a girl and between 0 and 6 months old.

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a great PBS or NatGeo about the first people in North America,about the young girl in the cave nthry found (13,000 year old remains)

too bad I forgot the name

If you ever remember the name of that doc, let me know!

is jammer dat je daar niet met een metaaldetector mag zoeken… daar liggen heel veel verborgen schatten